India Solo Travel: 3 days hike Bright Lake

Brighu Lake (Manali India) Travel Vlog

I have been staying in Vashisht for a while now. And as easy and straightforward as life in Vashisht can be, I need some action. As I live in the Himalayan mountains in Himachal Pradesh, it is a good idea to do a long trek in one of these nearby mountains of this beautiful place. For that, I went to a tourist place where locals take foreigners to do longer hikes. I came across the possibility of visiting Brighu Lake in Manali, India.

India Solo Travel: Brighu Lake Hike

Brighu Lake is 4200 meters in the Himalayan Mountains of Manali, India. To get there, you have to spend three days in the mountains. On the first day, you must walk up to the campsite. On the second day, you must climb to the lake; on the third day, you use it to come down. As it was a long way to get there and I could get lost, I needed help. As I said, I visited a tourist place in Vashisht, and the local guide offered me an exciting challenge. He said I could go just with him as a private tour guide, but the price would be higher than if you go with a group. As a solo traveler, I didn’t have the second option, and the first one was too expensive. As I said that to him, he offered me to go with a group of 14 Indians.

Challenge accepted

I packed a small backpack, put on my hiking shoes (basically the only ones I ever wear here in the mountains), and got ready to climb! I hoped my travel with 14 Indians (and me as the only foreigner) would be fun!

Trekking is challenging; it’s not easy, but it has been one of the most beautiful treks I have ever made. The main reason is that you see so many different landscapes during the climb that you feel you are in entirely other places while getting up. It was a fantastic surprise because I never knew what I would experience in the next climb.

I tried to do my best to collect nice shots while struggling with this place’s hiking challenge: its climate, the altitude, and my tiredness. Plus, did I mention that I got lost for hours??!! Yes, it was scary!! And I have it all on film! Lol.

Oh, wait!

I didn’t tell you about my new friends. Well, they were great! I genuinely love to hang out with Indians, and they are so respectful and caring. Most of them were pretty young, and a friendly group of friends took me in right away! I had a blast and will be forever grateful to them.

If you want to see my video, check it out! I will take through a beautiful scenery full of mountains, snow, flowers, animals, and finally, the half-frozen lake.

I hope you like it!!

Much love


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