Guanacaste: One of the top destinations in Costa Rica

My home country, Costa Rica, has so much to offer. It is tiny but mighty!. Yeap, I have the immense blessing of being born in one of the most beautiful and popular tropical countries to visit in this world. I think that if travel experts could draw up an ideal destination, Costa Rica might be it. That’s why, in today’s post, I will show one of the top destinations to visit in Costa Rica, a providence called Guanacaste. And this way, hopefully, I’m going to convince you why you must see this place! (If you haven’t already).

Centering yourself on a surfboard or yoga mat, descending into bat-filled caves or ascending misty volcanic peaks, hiking, biking, or ziplining – your only limit is your return date.

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Costa Rica Top Destinations

Visit Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Guanacaste is my favorite province of Costa Rica. It offers it all! From volcanos, humid forests, jungle, rivers, waterfalls, and huge white sand beaches. To the simplest countryside lifestyle and fun nightlife in the beach towns.


It is the driest part of the country, which makes it very special and different from the rest. Guanacaste changes drastically every season; it gets dry and very hot during summer, turning the land yellowish. In winter, it gets glowing green, and its rivers are full of water.

And even though the winter season can get wet, the green season it’s my favorite for visiting Guanacaste. It is just beautiful to see all that green in the vast fields!. Plus, fewer people are on the beaches, making it very convenient for those who enjoy the peace of nature. The dry season is from December to May, being March & April are extremely hot and dry. The wet season is from June to November, been September & October are incredibly moist.

Surfing & Lifestyle

This region is perfect for those who love surfing too. There are beach breaks along all the coast and some strong worldwide famous surfing points. Surfers are something that you are going to see all year long. That is why Guanacaste it’s so cosmopolitan these days. So many nationalities and cultures had gathered along the Guanacaste’s coast to start living the Pura Vida lifestyle. Every time you come here, you will meet people worldwide, making this little place quite fun. Some years ago, after finishing studying Human Nutrition, I moved to live in Brasilito, Guanacaste. I lived there for about one year, and I have to say that it was such a fantastic experience. To have access to those beautiful beaches anytime is such a blessing to live! At the same time, the rural lifestyle is just the best, so healthy: no heavy traffic (in most of the parts) and no city noises. You just wake up with the sound of nature. I plan to come back in the future, build a tiny house, and grow old here!

Travel Vlog: Surf, Beach & Lots of Animals

Being from Costa Rica but still a world traveler, every time I visit my country, I have to go to Guanacaste. This place is a must for me! That’s why I have been doing some videos for you, my dear friend, so you can enjoy and visit this fantastic place with me. When I went there, I stayed in an Artisan Organic Goat Farm called Rancho Avellanas, making the experience more enjoyable. I surfed, visited some friends, saw beautiful sunsets, took long walks on the beach, did some yoga classes, and enjoyed cold coconut water feeling the perfect warm breeze of the ocean.
I hope you enjoyed the videos. If you have any questions about this place, don’t hesitate to write them down.
Much Love,

Travel Vlog: Beach Hopping In Costa Rica

Travel Vlog: Stunning Beach Gem In Costa Rica (You Need To Know)

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