The small town of Ella, Sri Lanka

View from Little Adam's Peak. Ella, Sri Lanka.

If I can describe Ella in Sri Lanka in one word would be GREEN! This place reminds me so much of my lovely home country of Costa Rica (and this is hard to say because my country is quite a unique place). And it has to do because both share the same color everywhere!

View from Little Adam's Peak. Ella, Sri Lanka.
Walking from my guesthouse to Ella’s Town
Tea plantation in Ella, Sri Lanka.
Talking with a sweet lady local in the tea plantations

To get to Ella, I took a train ride from Kandy, one of the world’s most famous train journeys to take. I didn’t even know it, but this train ride is “a thing.” You know people from all around the world come to visit this place just for it. Actually, it is so demanding that you must reserve seats with quite a bit of time ahead (like months!). But as usual, that was not my case. I hardly plan anything before during my trips! So, what I did instead, was to arrive really early to the train station and buy a ticket for that same day. These tickets are given to as many people as they can fit in a couple of wagons, literally. And they are sold daily (meaning they can’t be reserved ahead of time). And that’s how I got my train ticket baby! 

Nine Arch Bridge in Ella Sri Lanka
Ella, Sri Lanka

Kandy to Ella train ride

Remember when I told you, “as many people they can fit in the wagon”?. Well, I wasn’t kidding. Feeling like a sardine in a can is the closest way I can find to describe how was my trip that day. It felt intense! However, I was clever enough to stay in the wagon entrance. This way, I let people pass me by to get inside the train, and when all of it was completely full, I got my VIP seat right there in the entrance.

How to get a ticket from Kandy to Ella train ride, Sri Lanka
My VIP train seat (Try 7 hours of this!)
Train ride from Kandy to Ella. Ella, Sri Lanka
Other VIP seats (Lol)

Non the less I’m not going to lie to you, the ride was not comfortable at all! (You will see me in the video), BUT it was beautiful because I could see outside the whole time I was on the train. Plus, I got a seat while almost everyone stood up for hours. And although this was a very uncomfortable 7 hour train ride, above all, it was worth it all the way!

This is one of the most scenic train rides, passing through huge green mountains, tea plantations, rivers, waterfalls, and cute little towns. And no kidding, the scenery, it’s just amazing!

Ella, Sri Lanka

When I arrived at Ella, I was amazed by the colorful green mountains. It felt so refreshing to be surrounded by so many beautiful trees. The first night I stayed in a really cool hostel in the outer part of the town. The location was terrific. None the less I was somewhat antisocial these days, and to be honest, this was more like a party hostel (yeah, the party in Ella is fantastic, by the way!). So, the next day I changed locations and booked a room with the cutest Sri Lankan family. 

I don’t know, but I just love to stay in guesthouses with real locals. Plus, this place, it’s just amazing, the room has a beautiful view of the tea plantations, and the breakfast is included in the price. And what better to have food from the locals, right? Well, let me tell you about this breakfast! It was just fantastic every time! It was made with the lady owner of the house, which by the way, this family didn’t speak any English, so it was quite a funny challenged talking with them. Not something weird though, I’m in Asia after all!

Nine Arch Bridge in Ella Sri Lanka
Nine Arch Bridge
Nine Arch Bridge in Ella Sri Lanka
Nine Arch Bridge

In overall, Ella is a very cool town, and even if it is full of nature, it is pretty busy. 

If you want peace and quiet, I recommend staying in the mountain as I did and not downtown. 

Ella is quite small. I stayed only for five days and basically, I spend my days here just walking through the forest and resting underneath the trees. 

Things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka

I went to Little Adam’s Peak, which is gorgeous by the way. I didn’t go to the original Adam’s Peak (the big one) because it is pretty far away, non the less other travelers told me that it was worth it all the way. I also went to the famous Nine Arch Bridge, which I totally recommend you to go back to town through the train rail, it is an incredible ride. Also, I eat excellent Sri Lankan food in the city. All the restaurants I went to were genuinely spectacular. Actually, I took some Sri Lankan Cooking classes if you feel adventurous and try some new recipes.

Well, my dear reader, as all my travel blogs, I made a video vlog showing you the place. So here is the one of beautiful Ella, Sri Lanka. Hope you like it.

Much Love, Pia

Ella, Sri Lanka video vlog

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