Free Tibet! Tibetan Refugees In India, Amazing Buddhist Traditions

Free Tibet! Tibetan Refugees In India, Amazing Buddhist Traditions

I had the blessing of meeting some refugees from Tibet while staying in Dharmasala in India. I wasn’t that much aware of their situation until now. After this experience, I have to share this message #FreeTibet.

Free Tibet

First of all, I believe you cannot solve a problem just by pointing it out. On the contrary, my aim here is to raise the voice for the people who can’t. To create awareness for those, like me, who didn’t know ways to contribute to the prosperity and development of these fantastic people. 

On the other hand, seeing the Tibetans rise with so much love, strength and compassion have inspired me to become a much more loving human being. And it has been a humbling experience that taught me that I am not doing enough for my fellow humans. United, we are more! And service is everything. So I hope my message can give others a similar vibe.

If you are in Dharmasala, India, I encourage you to visit these beautiful people. The Tibetan Children’s Village is pretty amazing!

Praise for India

India has done such a solitary act with these people, and it’s lovely to see people helping and supporting each other. Live and let live!

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