Holistic Nutrition for Women

A Personalized 1:1 Online Coaching Program for Women’s Wellness

Did you know that most women do not adequately nourish themselves for metabolic, hormonal, sexual and emotional health?

I wonder if you have prepared a breakfast quinoa porridge before?. If not, I am going to show you how! You are going to love it!

In a sea of conflicting information, where even nutritionists can’t agree on what is “right”, whom should we believe? I wonder, can we really trust our intuition?

Maybe you’re here because you have your own stories of restrictive eating, unresolved health issues, or a complicated relationship with food.

Perhaps you’ve been a person who has been eating healthy, and you manage to meet your physical goals, but still, feel like something is missing to truly feel like you are thriving and well balanced.

Imagine if:

You could implement simple lifestyle habits that support the nourishment of your body, your emotions and your spirit.

You could learn to live in a more relaxed, conscious and peaceful way. Meaning, in tune with your true self.

Your hormones, mood, energy and digestion feels balanced and aligned.

You could achieve your health goals.

More than a nutrition plan, this is an Integrative Wellness Program for Women, which includes an approach to your nutrition from a holistic point of view. That is to say, contemplating 4 main approaches: Food, Body, Emotions & Spiritual Growth.

As a nutritionist, I have seen that ignoring some of these 4 pillars, or worse obsessing on just one or two, creates imbalance one way or another. The system of using all pillars to complement one another is the holistic approach of this program.

Through this 1:1 Coaching, I will help you to step away from diet culture and heal your body by focusing on a pro-metabolic way of eating. We will establish your primary health goals as we work together, and I will provide you with specific and general guidelines where you’ll discover a new wholesome way of living. This includes:

Self-reflection questionnaires

Personalized eating plan

Ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines

Breathing and meditation techniques

The idea here is to create a lifestyle that you love and that will come naturally to you.

You were born to live this way.

Who is this Program for?


Any adult woman of childbearing and menopausal age who wants to improve her metabolism, hormonal status and overall health.


Women who want to learn how to apply a conscious way of eating and living.


Women who want to nourish their body with natural, nutrient-dense foods.


Women interested in Ayurveda.


Women who want to prepare their body for pregnancy and/or are trying to conceive.


Women who are open, curious and ready to take action on their health.


◌ Evaluation of your current diet

Ayurvedic Doshas Consultation

30 minute interview

Interpretation of blood tests (if performed)

Dietary recommendations appropriate to personal goal

Bimonthly follow-up coaching call (15 minutes)

Open communication via whatsapp

Monthly exclusive didactic material *

Personalized Nutrition Program

Self-Knowledge Questionnaires and

Coaching Exercises

* Ayurvedic recommendations for balancing doshas, cooking recipes, videos on breathing exercises, visualizations and guided meditations, Self-reflection questionnaires, exclusive interviews with other health professionals, discounts in specific health brands.

Abundance of Wellness

3 Months Long


(or $400 at the end
of Abundance of Wellness)

Infinite Wellness

6 Months Long


(or $400 at the end
of Abundance of Wellness)

Terms and Conditions:

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  • Each program must be paid in full.
  • The opening hours for Whatsapp messages will be from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.
  • Rameliving will not publish or share any photo or video without the client’s prior consent.