Holistic Nutrition Consultation

A Personalized Holistic Nutrition Coaching

You have a health goal, and I want to help you get it

No matter where you're starting from or where you want to go… you're in the right place. I've helped tons people optimize their body and now I'm here to assist you!

Reclaim your optimal health by start focusing on nourishing your body.

When you give your body the highest quality of food with the right combinations, you're nourishing it from a cellular level, from the inside out. When your body is well-fed and balanced, your metabolism gets optimized. It is like a domino effect, and it all starts with food.

Through this 1:1 Holistic Nutrition Coaching, I will help you to step away from diet culture and heal your body by focusing on a pro-metabolic way of eating.

Here, there are no restrictive diets. On the contrary, my approach to nutrition is to eat an abundance of the most nutritious and clean food on the planet to optimize the body’s metabolism. My aim is to work around the main circadian hormones and 

Do you want to feel energized and vibrant?

Are you looking for powerful results from your training?

Would you like to reinforce your digestive tract and hormones?

Would you like to feel and look your best?

Off course you do! Because feeling and looking great is your birthright!

You were born to live this way.

With my support and nutritional counseling, you can:

Improve your overall health and well-being.

Feel energized and with vitality.

Improve digestion and support your hormones.

Undestand and eliminate cravings.

Learn to be more present with yourself.

Create a positive relationship with food and your body.

Get in better shape and enhance yopur body composition

Get nutrient-dense meal ideas.

Get accountability and feel fully supported while reaching your health goals.

If you are wondering what an animal-based diet looks like and why people follow it, you have come to the right place.

My coaching considers your diet from a holistic point of view and not only food. From self-discovery questionnaires to creating a way of living in favor of your well-being. Through our time together, you will discover tools and simple ways to change your surroundings and empower your lifestyle as well as the food choices that best support you. 

Approaching your diet from a holistic point of view and making gradual, lifelong lifestyle changes enables you to vastly improve how you look and feel in the long term.

When you sign in you will receive:


Fully customized nutrition plan tailored to your preferences, budget, goals, and personal needs.


Personalized menu.


Lifestyle changes and recommendations.


Self-inquiry and self-discovery worksheets.


Educational material to read at home.


Changes in nutrition plans.


Support and accountability.

Get ready for a program unlike any other you’ve experienced before.


My aim is to help you thrive for optimal health. I’m a certified nutritionist, but I’m much more interested in optimal health than dogmatic adherence to nutritional guidelines and mainstream narrative. I believe in the power of real, nourishing food, and a slow-living lifestyle. I studied to become a Masters in Nutrition and Certified Holistic Coach, and I’ve worked with clients for 10+ years.

I’m here for you <3.

Who is this Program for?

Anybody who wants to:


Improve eating patterns and overall health.


Enhace body composition (lose fat amd gaion muscle mass).


Have a personalized eating plan.


Enhance digestion and metabolism.


Support the hormones.


Build muscle and get stronger.


Prepare the body to conceived.


Enhance performance as an athlete.


Have nutritional support to treat their health condition (chronic & autoinmmune).


Learn to nourish the body with the best quality food.


Greatly improve overall health.


Greatly improve overall health.

Anybody who takes his health seriusly and want to take action now!

This program is NOT for:

People not willing to eat meat two or three times a day

People not willing to change old patterns and be open to new ways to fuel the body

People not willing to cut all processed food.

People who are not wanting to cook for themselves.


Coaching one-on-one session (English or Spanish)

Interpretation of blood tests

◌ Personalized lifestyle & supplements recommendations

◌ Tailored nutrition program

Ayurvedic consultation (if desired)

◌ Self-discovery worksheets

◌ Educational material

◌ Food blocks printed mini book 

◌ Support and accountability

Open communication via text and email



Regular prices:

1st appointment $150

(Includes: one meet up, initial evaluation, meal plan, one follow up phone call)

Following appointments $100

(Includes: one meet up, changes in meal plan, one follow up phone call)


Special Offers:

Whole package $500

(Includes: three meet up (one could be in supermarket), 3 changes in meal plan, 3 phone calls



I’m based in Angels Camp, California.

In-gym visits at Olde Iron Fitness

Home visits in Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties. 

Online coaching is also available.