A tour through the breath-taking beaches on Amalfi Coast in Italy

A tour through the Amalfi Coast of Italy I started dreaming about a long time ago. Since the first time I visited Europe, back in 2006, I always thought that Italy is a place that deserves to take long weeks just for this country. Well, one of my dreams came true, and I got to spend six weeks in this beautiful country. And the best part? I traveled with my whole family! (mom, dad, and my brother). What a blessing this was! I stayed two weeks in Rome and the rest I traveled to the most gorgeous place: the Amalfi Coast!. And today I’m going to show you the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast in Italy (at least that I visited! lol).

A tour through the beaches on Amalfi Coast In Italy
Amazing Positano
A tour through the beaches on Amalfi Coast In Italy
Amalfi Beach

The Amalfi Coast

Planning a family trip is not easy. I’m so used to traveling by myself. Even so, one place that we all agreed immediately to visit was the Amalfi Coast, and oh my god, I’m glad we did! This place is a complete delight for the view. This beautiful coast (full of the scariest high cliffs boarding all the way) is full of gorgeous little Italian towns where you can have the most amazing meals and wine. The beaches are immaculate, and the ocean’s water is as crystal as it can get, which makes this place unique. Now, what is the worst part? That is not a budget-friendly place to travel, and in summer it can get a pack of tourists, so keep that in mind if you plan to visit here.

A tour through the beaches on Amalfi Coast In Italy
Somewhere along the Amalfi Coast
A tour through the beaches on Amalfi Coast In Italy
Crystal waters in Capri Island


There are so many towns to stay on the Amalfi coast; it only depends on what you are looking for. Positano and Sorrento are the most popular ones. Still, at the same time, the most expensive and crowded ones, and Capri Island is the most high-end place of all of them. We chose to vary our stay during my stay here, so we chose three different cities: Castellammare, Sorrento, and Capri Island. And for all of them, we used Airbnb. 

Take into consideration that for Capri Island, you can stay in Capri or Anacapri. The second one seems to be less expensive but is quite far away. And it depends on the public transportation to move around, which can get tricky if the Island is a pack of tourists.

A tour of the beaches on Amalfi Coast

For moving around and visiting other beaches along the coast, you can travel in public transportation (train and buses) or rent a car. I did both. But when we rented a car for a couple of days, it helped us travel quicker between places, so I highly recommend it. But the downside part of it is the difficulty of getting a parking lot available. Also, that these parks are pretty expensive too!. 

My crazy beautiful family
A tour through the beaches on Amalfi Coast In Italy
From the top of Capri Island

Beaches on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

As one of the most popular and beautiful coastlines globally, you can find hundreds of beaches on the Italy’s Amalfi Coast. So if you are not going to stay for months, of course, you will have to choose which of all the beaches to visit. The good side of this? Well, probably all the beaches are going to be pretty amazing! 

The beaches in Amalfi Coast I saw were: 

  • Gran Majorie and Small Majorie.
  • Amalfi Beach (and the town, it is soo beautiful!).
  • Sorrento (I recommend paying for a chair because the public beach is so small, and the private ones are in decks of wood on top of the water in the bay, it’s a charming experience).
  • Castellammare (go to the funicular here, the view is fantastic).
  • Vico Equence (this is a beach mostly for locals, it’s nice for escape from the tourists).
  • Positano (it’s so beautiful but highly crowded. One good tip is to look for the beach behind the central hill where all the stores and restaurants are free and very nice).
  • Furore (which was a cute little beach with a bridge crossing on top of it, so fantastic to see, but it was closed when we got there, so I just watched it from far away).

On Capri Island, I went to Grand Marina (beautiful water!) and Foro (it doesn’t have a beach but you can swim, it’s great for watching the sunset!). All of them are just gorgeous and very special, and all of them are filmed in my video.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me.

With love, Pia 

Italy’s Amalfi Coast Beaches Video


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