Manali, India: A Cool Mountain Town to Visit

Visit Manali INdia. Video Blog #7 India Series

Wohoo!! I can’t believe that I’m posting my Indian Series Video Blog #7. I am having so much fun putting together some good memories and showing them to you, thank you so so much for watching them, really. This time I’m going to show all about Manali, India. 

Manali, India

Ok now lrt’s get to the point, Manali in India. This “city” which actually is much more as a large town with a population of 8000 persons, is located in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh in the northern part of India. This town is surrounded by huge beautiful green mountains with rivers passing by and lots of different waterfalls that you can see from far away. It is great for hiking and for contemplating the amazing mountain nature. The people are super nice too, really cool and easy vibe.

While staying here I choosed to be in Old Manali, a super nice kind of hipster part of the town, where you can pass your time in different cafes just reading, playing music (in my case, watching people playing music haha), playing games, drawing, reading, relaxing… you name it!

To be honest, I am a person who prefer much more the calm town than the crazy cities and Manali was perfect for me because it’s a place where you can find anything, from food supplies, really good restaurants, a kind of mellow “night life” but at the same time you are having a town like vibe. Life is still simple here and you can escape to the villages nearby if you want an even more peace or remote experience.

I have lived in the mountains for the past 3 months and I have to say that it has being wonderful for my heart, health and soul. I chose to come to manali because I had been studying for the past two months in Rishikesh and I needed to take a time to decompress all the information I received and start putting it into practice. I choose the mountains to do this and what a blessing it has being! As I told you in my blog of Vashisht, while staying here in Manali I visited this beautiful small village (named Vashisht) and I fell in love with it, so I ended up staying in Manali just for a few days and chose Vashisht as my long-therm mountain vacays! But as always I made a video of manali for you so that you can watch it here!

Hope you enjoy it!

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