How nature heals the soul

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Undoubtedly, nature has healing powers and can heal the soul. Nowadays, scientists have tested the effects of exposure to nature, and the results are remarkable. It contributes to your physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. But frankly, I am not surprised by these results because every time I visit nature, my body, especially my soul, feels blissful. This time, I really needed nature’s power and loving support and I am going to tell how nature heals the souls during a beautiful trip I did to Yosemite National Park in California, USA. 

Yosemite National Park

In California, USA, I swear it is the closest I have ever seen to the landscaping in the movie Lord of the Rings. Since the first time I visited it in 2017, I was impressed by the immense walls of stone, giant trees, and just the magnificent flora and magic energy of this place. That time I went with my good friend Feli from Costa Rica. We made the Mist Trail, which took us to watch two of the most impressive waterfalls I have ever seen: the Vernal and the Nevada Falls.

Mist trail

It’s just amazing! It takes you through the forest, then you climb considerable rocks to get to the waterfalls. It’s not a challenging trail, but it’s a long one, and It took us all day to complete it. We went in October, and the park was just crazy beautiful, with the autumn colors everywhere. Plus, the temperature is perfect for hiking (if it’s not raining, so if you plan to go at that time, always check the weather). 

Taking that into consideration, this year, I wanted to see it again. And thank god, the park opened again after the 2020 lockdown. So, Kyle (my hubby) and I visited it for several days. But this time, we went in November, and the weather was crazy because one day it was fall colors, and the next it was white wonderland (yes, this happens in the mountains). 

During this visit, we only walked the trails in the valley. The first one is the Mirror Lake Trail, which takes around 3 hours, and the next day, we did the Lower Yosemite Waterfall, which is pretty short, around one hour (with snow). Both are really cool and perfect for those who don’t hike much. Here are some pictures of the trip with and without the snow.

How nature heals the soul.

This trip was extraordinary because it helped me go through a struggling situation I was living in. We went to Yosemite Park on the weekend before I had a D&C (surgical procedure) to terminate a 12-week non-viable pregnancy. And, oh boy, let me tell you that nature helps to heal the soul! (actually here are 9 healthy ways to cope with miscarriage).

Just the fact of walking in between the forest and looking at the beautiful stone walls and the open landscapes helped me SO MUCH to gain perspective. It made me remember that I form part of the whole, being just a dot more that forms and belongs to this unique, beautiful, magical ultimate intelligence full of abundance and love. 

Coming into nature helped me remember that I am loved and that life always works for me. It gave them the clarity and connection I needed in that moment of despair and sadness, giving me hope and filling my heart with gratefulness and love. That there is a mother that is containing us with her perfect care, and synergy,

Also, it helped me so much to have beautiful memories to hold on to before the surgery. I could be in the hospital alone, in the middle of covid, losing my pregnancy, and still feel good when I closed my eyes and transported myself to that precise moment and place. What a gift it was. And living that with Kyle was the ultimate price. 

Life is working for you

I share this with you, my dear friend, as a kindly reminder that if you feel lost, angry, sad, or disconnected, remember to go outside and stand still, looking and feeling the magnificent world we are living in and how much everything is connected to life, force, abundance, and love. And you, yes, you, are part of all of this! How cool and loving this is! Ah? Yes this is how nature heals your soul.

So here I am, making you a video and sharing a little piece of the beautiful Yosemite National Park and the video named his nature heals the soul.

With love,


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