Parvati Valley, India: Hopping Between Villages

Parvati Valley, India: Hopping Between Villages

Parvati Valley is a beautiful green valley located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Since I came to Himachal, a northern state of India, I really wanted to go there, so I took my trekking shoes and hit deep inside these mountains. In this blog, I’m going to tell you all about it!.

Parvati Valley, India

Has many remote villages that you can access on foot, on a horse, or by car. It all depends on how far to want to go! I went there while traveling with two girls I met in my Yoga teacher training back in Rishikesh. While staying in Manali, we rented a taxi which left us in a village named Tosh. 

As you start entering this valley, you will see big ass mountains the whole way while traveling beside a river. The trip is crazy beautiful! But a little scary because you might be thinking, where the hell is this man taking me? 

Well, in the end, that is precisely what we wanted, to visit as remote as possible and experience the mountain village life of Paravati Valley. 


Tosh Village

As I was saying, the first village we stayed in was Tosh, a cute little village surrounded by snowy peak mountains and a lot of cute little cafes and guest houses. Half of the village had no electricity. Of course, we stayed in that part, which I have to say made the whole experience quite challenging and memorable. 

OMG is so nice to be here! As I write this post, I wake up in the mountains just smelling the grass and breathing the cold air. It is fucking hard, though! I might not shower during the whole trip, especially with the lack of hot water. 


Hoping between villages

I’m not sure what is going to be the plan here. We might visit some other villages on foot, as Pulga village is pretty nearby. I honestly can’t wait to just walk between these valleys surrounded by the most beautiful mountains to finish drinking tea in cute little Indian villages. It just feels like a dream, and being here with my girls makes everything more fun!.

Ok new day writing; in fact, we have been indifferent villages. All of them are so cute, full of locals doing chores in their cute little house or working in the field or with their animals. I’m just in awe, so watch how people survive with such limited things. I honestly can learn just by watching them, such a simple life, rich life, and busy life!  


Keer Ganga

Also, I did something crazy. I went by myself for two days to a beautiful place called Keer Ganga. This village is made only of tents (no houses in here) in the middle of nowhere (it took me 7 hours of walking just to reach here!) and it has hot spring water. I cannot believe this place exists!! Holy crap, it is so so magical. Reaching there is not complicated, but it is looong, and I did alone, which made me feel a little insecure about getting lost or in trouble. Non the less, along the way, I ran into some people who were coming down from keer Ganga aand motivated me to keep going! And I’m glad I did! When I reached the place, I bathed in the fantastic hot waters and did star gazing at night. I also took dinner in a restaurant tent with some other cool visitors from all around the world. Honestly, I am having the time of my life! 

I think it is difficult to describe a place so cool as Parvaty Valley, so it might be best for you just to go ahead and watch my video! Join me and see how hopping villages in Parvati Valley looks!

Please smile a lot and enjoy life!

Much love,



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