A fun playground workout (no gym needed)

A playground workout can be such an effective and fun way to move your body! Here's a complete routine you can practice at a park!

I learned to use playgrounds to train my body while traveling so much. I didn’t have access to a gym and weights, so I used the kids’ playground bars to challenge my strength and mobility. A playground workout is so fun and, especially, is a super-effective way to activate the muscles while enjoying the beautiful outdoor surroundings and good weather. So, what better way to exercise? Right?.

Park Playground

After two years of nonstop traveling, I just moved to live in the USA in a small town in Northern California. Luckily, my house is two blocks from a big green park (the only one in town, ha!) with a kid’s playground. Oh, how happy I am because one of my favorite things to do is to do outdoor workouts! At the same time, my brother Ale -a very creative fitness trainer- visited me for some weeks. So you can imagine how much we have been working out in the park! We have taken so much advantage of the beautiful sunny days of the Californian summer. 

For the benefit of all of us, I asked Ale if he could prepare an example of a 20 minutes playground workout routine, so he designed a very complete and challenging workout routine (also, we made a video for you, find it at the end of this article). One cool thing about it is that it can be adjusted to any physical level, meaning there are exercises for intermediate or advanced beginners. 

So, are you ready to move your incredible muscles? Let’s begin.

The Playground Workout Routine

Please complete the following repetitions

Beginners = 6 – 8 

Intermediate = 8 – 10

Advanced = 10 – 12

Of the following 5 exercises:

1. Burpees + Pull Ups (or Chin Ups)

Find a bar in the playground where you can do the pull-ups. Start with the burpee, followed by the pull-up. For beginners, do a jumping pull-up. Intermediate do a chin-up. Advanced do a strict pull-up.

burpee + pullup

2. Pushups

Find a box or some steps in the playground. Beginners use their knees to push to the ground (no box). Intermediate, do a regular pushup on the box. Advanced to a standard pushup, or you can use inclination too.

Pushup with knees, for beginners

3. Climb

Find something in the playground where you can climb and move, for example, chains, ladders, bars, or slides, and play for some minutes.


4. Knees/Toes to Bar

In other words, let’s work those abs. Go to the same bar you used to do the pull-ups. Beginners do knees up. Intermediate do knees to chest or elbows. Advance do toes to bar.

Knees up, for beginners


Now, here is a video in case you want to watch how to make every exercise:

Watch the Playground Workout Video

We hope you try it! It is such much fun to challenge yourself

With love,



Follow Ale’s Instagram and youtube to get lots of creative workouts and ideas!

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