A bedtime Gratitude Journal template to improve your wellbeing

Go to bed every night feeling grateful. This free printable gratitude journal is an easy way to start your own gratitude habit. Get it here!

A gift for you!

I made you a 5-minute bedtime gratitude journal worksheet to help you connect with a grateful and positive state of mind every night before bed. This way, you will consciously acknowledge all your positive experiences of every single day. 

Indeed, I couldn’t be more excited to share this beautiful template with you. But before we start, let’s chat about why living in gratitude is essential to experiencing a good and loving life.

Why live in gratitude?

“It is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy.”


What would you answer if I asked where you focus more energy, on the things you have or are currently missing?. Unfortunately, it is so common to center your attention on what you want and are not getting; or even on what you have already lost (let’s say time, love, health, money, family, work, places, things, memories, etc.). I do it all the time! I refer to sentences like I have done exercise only two times this week (instead of saying something as I look forward to working out again!). For many reasons, this way of thinking is connected with a lack of something. It is a state of scarcity and deficit. And it attracts more and more absence. 

On the contrary, living in abundance is experiencing a state of contentment and satisfaction. Abundance feeds our self-esteem and confidence and helps us stay resilient during tough times. It’s also expanding, creating a flourishing environment around us. Like attracts like, so when you live in abundance and look around, you’ll find positive, confident people with similar mindsets.

The power of gratitude

Considering the famous quote, “living in a state of gratitude is the gateway to grace,” the daily practice of gratitude seems to be the antidote to a poor mindset. 

Let’s test this concept right now! Are you in? Ok great. Please take just a few moments to close your eyes. Take three long breathings, making your exhales slightly longer than you used to, relaxing your body and mind. Once you feel at ease, ask yourself: What is something I feel entirely thankful to have or to be experiencing right now? It might be your family, friends, pets, job, health, or the food on your plate. It could be a personal accomplishment or even the sun rising this beautiful morning. Did you get it? Ok, now let’s go deeper and connect with that. Sit with the image, and feel the feeling. Where do you think it is? How does it feel? Is it expanding or contracting? Do you feel fuller or emptier? Is it getting bigger and more powerful? Notice how your body feels. Notice how your heart feels. Are you feeling more love and grace? 


So, yes, it is true. Gratitude brings feelings of love and expansion. 

Could it be so easy? Well, not necessarily because we need to forget it quickly. We need a little bit of help and direction, especially in those moments when life gets complex and tricky. In this case, journaling can be beneficial in assisting us in connecting every day with a state of gratefulness and grace. 

Why a gratitude journal?

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

Eckhart Tolle

A gratitude journal will help you remember everything you are grateful for, pointing you in the right direction daily.

Go to bed every night feeling grateful. This free printable gratitude journal is an easy way to start your own gratitude habit. Get it here!

A Gratitude Journal template to improve your wellbeing

This journal will assist you to:

  • Connect every day with something you really appreciate.
  • End every day with a positive state of mind.
  • Help you notice how beautiful your life really is.
  • Connect to what is really important in your life.
  • Prepare your mental state for the next day. 
  • Live in the present moment.

I mean, friend, this gratitude journal is something you want in your life! Here is an example of the template:

Look inside the printable gratitude journal!

Example of one day of the journal. The journal includes the 7 days of the week. 

Extra points!! 

The journal comes in a PDF document form which is digitally fillable. You can fill it up on my phone, tablet, or computer, and it does not need to be printed (but if you want to print it out, you can totally can). 

Example of one day of the journal. The worksheet includes the seven days of the week.

Get your copy here

I’m so happy you are going to get your copy. Please enter your name and email to receive the printable gratitude journal directly to your inbox 🙂

Hope you love it and works well for you.

With love, Pía

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