Trekking In Prusia Magical Forest, Costa Rica

Yes, I am in Costa Rica, my homeland! After two years of been traveling nonstop, I finally returned to my home country Costa Rica to stay for some weeks. Coming in a flight from San Francisco, USA, and landing on a Friday morning in Costa Rica, my parents invited me to join them to hike in Prusia that weekend. And I couldn’t be happier! Because the forest of Prusia, in Cartago, Costa Rica, is one of my favorite spots to hike!

Prusia, Costa Rica

Prusia is located in the providence of Cartago. Characterized by green mountains, cloudy forests, and cool weather, this place is extraordinary for people who love mountain trekking. Prusia is a big National Park located across a volcano named Irazu, with different trails you can choose.

I have been hiking Prusia for many years ago, and I love it every time. It has extraordinary energy. The minute you enter this place, you can feel a complete reconnection with nature. First of all, the drive from the city to the park is so charming, full of green mountains to put you in the mood. Then, when you arrive at the park, the giant trees invite you to join them and be part of the magical forest.

This time I went with my parents and two of my aunts, my mom’s lovely sisters. We decided to hike the path called “El Horcado” (or “The Hangman”). The whole loop took us around 5 hours to walk it all. It was a challenge because parts are a little stiffer than others, but overall, it is not hard, and it’s so beautiful. You can see how the vegetation started changing as you climbed, making it worth it!

I made a video for you! So you can check up on Prusia for yourself!
With love, Pia

Watch the video here

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