Nutrient-Dense Recipes


Whole and nutrient-dense ingredients, just like nature intended

Simple recipes that nurture the body and mind and support the metabolism.

Find here all the recipes I use to keep a nutrient-dense diet for me and my family.

All of them are made with natural, mostly animal-based ingredients.


Salmon Rainbow Poke Bowl, with mango, avocado, cucumber. It is so fresh and deliciuos, perfect summer recipe.

mains & Sides

Make these CHERRY JELLIES for a collagen-rich snack for the whole family! With only 2 ingredients, here’s how to make it:


MINERAL LEMONADE because drinking plain water is just NOT ENOUGH! This is a delicious recipe source of vitamin C, sodium, potassium and healthy sugars to hydrate yourself with minerals, supporting this way your muscles, thyroid and adrenal glands.


Yes you read right, here's a collagen-rich butter recipe: Bone Marrow Butter with garlic, lemon & herbs! Here I show you how:

sauces & SPREADS

These are very simple-to-make healthy food recipes for beginners to help you nourish your beautiful temple, your body.


I have always loved to make this coconut whipped cream recipe. It is extremely easy and fast to make, it requires only two ingredients :)