Health & Beauty


Neti Pod (with salts)

Brand: Neil Med

Ceramin Neti Pod

Brand: Natural and Co

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

Brand: Dr. Tung’s Store

Essential Oils. 5 Pack Variety Sample for Diffusion

Brand: Now

Essential Oils. 3 Pack Variety for Making Cleaning Products

Brand: Now

Breathe Essential Oil Respiratory Blend. Therapeutic Grade

Brand: DoTerra

Serenity Essential Oil Restful Blend. Therapeutic Grade

Brand: Do Terra

Balance Essential Oil Grounding Blend. Therapeutic Grade.

Brand: Do Terra

On Guard Essential Oil Protective Blend. Therapeutic Grade.

Brand: Do Terra

Coconut Oil (for skin and hair)

Brand: Now

Almond Oil (skin)

Brand: Now

Ayurvedic Oil Hair Treatment

Brand: Kama

Olive Oil & Bee Wax All Purpose Skin Cream

Brand: Egyptian Magic

Beef Tallow Balm for Skin Care

Brand: Vintage Tradition

Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste (with Neem)

Brand: Auromere

Organic Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (6 Variety Pack)

Brand: Dr. Bronner’s

Organic Pure-Castile Liquid Soap 18 in 1 Uses (1 Gallon)

Brand: Dr. Bronner’s

Neem Powder

Brand: Banyan Botanical Stores

Resistance Bands Set (for home workout)

Brand: What a Fit

2 Yoga Blocks + Strap

Brand: Gaiam

Premium High Performance Yoga Mat (Thick)

Brand: Manduka

Premium High Performance Yoga Mat For Traveling (Thin)

Brand: Manduka

Meditation Cushion

Brand: Florensi

Nutritional Supplements


Acerola Cherry Powder (vitamin C superfood)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Magnesium Supplement (anti-stress drink)

Brand: Natural Vitality

Minerals Drops (hydration and electrolytes balance)

Brand: Trace Minerals Research

Minerals Drops (hydration and electrolytes balance) 2 pack

Brand: Trace Minerals Research

Indian Ashwagandha Powder

Brand: Organic India

Mushrooms Blend (energy & cognition)

Brand: Laird Superfoods

Desiccated Liver (capsules)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Desiccated Liver (powder)

Brand: perfect Supplements

Multi-Organs (Thymus, Spleen, Liver, Pancreas, Heart, and Kidney)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Type II Collagen (capsules)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Bone Broth (powder)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Bovine Gelatin (powder)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Cod Liver Oil (omega 3)

Brand: Carlson

Plant Powder Protein (Pumpkin seed, Hemp seed & Sacha Inchi)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Plant Powder Protein (Pea and Hemp)

Brand: Sun Warrior

Aquatic Greens: Spirulina & Chlorella Micro-Algae (powder)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Aquatic Greens: Spirulina & Chlorella Micro-Algae (capsules)

Brand: Perfect Supplements

Kitchen Supplies


Vitamix Professional Series Blender

Brand: Vitamix

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Brand: Le Creuset

Cast Iron Skillet

Brand: Lodge

Ceramic Frying Pan

Brand: Caraway

Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set

Brand: Caraway

Coconut Bowls (Set of 4)

Brand: Celezar

Small Kitchen Knife - German High Carbon Steel

Brand: Hammer Stahl

Chef Knife - High Carbon German Forged Steel

Brand: Hammer Stahl

Manual Slow Cooker | Stainless Steel

Brand: Crock-Pot

12 Glass Food Storage Containers Set - Freezer-to-Oven-Safe

Brand: Razab

8 pack Glass Food Storage Containers Set - Freezer-to-Oven-Safe (30 oz)

Brand: Razab

16 onz Mason Jar (12-pack)

Brand: Ball

Glass Spice Jars with Labels (24-pack)

Brand: Aozita

Milk Frother (batteries)

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

Juicer – Slow Masticating

Brand: Joccu

Silicone Molds



The Power of Now

Author: Eckhart Tolle

Atomic Habits

Author: James Clear

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Author: Robert T.Kiyosaki

The Law of Attraction

Author: Esther and Jerry Hicks

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Author: Deepak Chopra

Think like a Monk

Author: Jay Shetty

The Four Agreements

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

Unleash the Power Within

Author: Tony Robbins

The Power of Vulnerability

Author: Brene Brown

The 5 Love Languages

Author: Gary Chapman

Real Food for Pregnancy

Author: Lily Nichols

Glucose Revolution

Author: Jessie Inchauspe

Fix Your Period

Author: Nicole Jardim