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And just like that, I began this whole new journey, a new chapter in a book full of blank pages. A unique experience that would change my life forever: 12 months traveling in India by myself, starting in the holy city of Rishikesh.

As I write my first blog post, I feel excited and terrified. It is like what some people say: “if it is scary, then you must do it!”. Honestly, I do not know what I’m doing here in Rishikesh or what I’m looking for, but I knew I needed to come.

Hi, for those wondering who I am, my name is Maria Pia, but most people like to call me Pia. I’m a 35-year-old woman from Costa Rica who sold everything she got to start a new solo adventure on the other side of the world, beginning in India.

Why India? 

I asked myself. Not sure, but my heart knows what it wants. I need a complete change in my life, a whole new world; I want to see things I hadn’t even known existed. I genuinely want to start opening my squared mind and letting go of my comfort and judgment at least as much as I possibly can. I need to experience extraordinary life and get to know myself in a different environment.

I think India has so much to offer. It is so old, so rich in culture, diversity, beliefs, religions, colors, food. But I’m not going to lie. I’m terrified to know I landed here by myself with no plan at all. But it is such a beautiful thing to feel this freedom of opening my arms and inviting anything that life has for me, without any control or expectation. So I might just embrace it all.

Rishikesh, India

I choose Rishikes first because I love to practice Yoga and Meditation. This city is the world’s capital of yoga. And no kidding, my dear friend, it truly is a place to learn deeper about this practice. It is so beautiful in that sense, there are classes everywhere, courses, and you can meet so many like-minded people. It’s like yoga heaven in here.

As I landed here, I could see clearly the chaos a place as India brings. Motorcycles everywhere, monkeys everywhere, people everywhere. It feels like there are no rules over here! And everybody practices the law of minimal order. IT IS CRAZY! And I love it!

In Rishikesh, the river Ganga begins, the Holy river of India. Known as Mother Ganga, revered as a goddess whose purity cleanses the sins of the faithful and aids the dead on their path toward heaven. Ganga river is a big big deal, and it is beautiful. Want to know a fun fact? I cried the first time my feet touched this river. I’m not a Hindu, nor do I practice any Indian tradition. Still, I just cannot deny that there is something extraordinary about this river.

I plan to stay here for three months because I am taking two courses that last one month each. The first one is to become a certified Meditation Teacher. Wow, I still cannot believe it. One entire month living in an Ashman and learning from powerful masters for 10 hours daily. I genuinely can’t wait! And the second course is to become a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. Dang! For real, dreams come true! So please wish me luck in these challenges because I truly will need it!

Oh, also, I’m starting a youtube channel. Yes, me, the one who does not know anything about how to make videos! Lol. But I guess that now that I’m here, I might just film this crazy experience! Two months have passed since I’m in Rishikesh, so that I might post my first youtube video here! (if you want to support me, don’t forget to subscribe!!).

Sending you tons of love from Rishikesh in India,


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