Accomplish goals once it for all! The Self-Attainment Journal Worksheet

This self journal pdf guide will assist you in creating self-accountability with your goals, and maintaining a focused mind on your goals

You probably already know how easy it is to lose focus and determination when pursuing a goal. It is often to convince yourself to start, but you leave the plan unfinished somewhere along the way. Why? I asked myself because mostly all people do this; all the time. And what I can tell is that we rely primarily on motivation, and the truth is that reason is entirely overrated. We need more than just motivation and inspiration. What we need is to hold ourselves accountable. 


I’m so glad you are here because, just like me, I know you have personal goals that you want to accomplish. This is the reason why I’m sharing a powerful worksheet that will assist in staying focused on the specific goals you have at this moment. This guide is a simple yet highly effective tool called The Self-Attainment Journal PDF Worksheet.


In this rapid life, it is essential to pause and take a moment to reflect on where you are today and where you’re heading instead of just living reactively. Journaling is a powerful, evidence-based tool that allows us to tune in with our emotions and stay mindful of our actions. As a reflective, meditative activity, journaling can promote creativity, self-awareness, and personal development. And journaling is a great way to do it because it creates space for the “I” (you, your wants, progress, vision, etc.).

This is why journaling is an excellent tool for reaching accountability with yourself.

The Self Attainment PDF Journal


This guide will assist you in checking in with yourself, creating self-accountability with your goals, and maintaining a focused mind on what you want to make. 


The self-journal pdf guide is divided into three topics (one page per topic) with powerful questions for each one of the sections:

  • Mood
  • Accountability
  • Vision

How to do it?

There is no perfect way to do this, so please do not stress. To be able to notice the benefits of this practice, it is crucial to make it a habit. So please, set aside 15 minutes to reflect, answer these questions, and repeat them weekly or monthly. The more regularly you journal, the more connection and awareness with yourself and your goals you will experience.

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