A powerful method to set and achieve life goals

Setting life goals is key to manifesting the life you want to create. Find here a 4 step method to set life goals and actually, achieve them.

“Goals are nothing but a dream, but with a deadline.” Tony Robbins

I like this quote because to dream is pretty, but if you don’t work on a strategy to make it happen, your dream will stay a dream and not a reality. I am right?. Setting life goals is crucial to manifest the life you want to create. But if you are like me, you may also feel anxious when setting personal goals. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you feel short to dream big, or on the contrary, you need a dose of reality. Whatever the overwhelming feeling, I have learned four steps to follow that have helped quite a bit when I want to set goals. And they might assist you too.

By following these four steps, I have seen that you will get two essential qualities: being more creative and realistic. And to make things more sassy and easy, I made a special video for you where we both will set life goals in real-time. Yes, you heard me right! This video is a life goal-setting workshop that will walk you through those four steps while working together. Please watch this video at the end of the article.

A Powerful Method

This method is easy to follow and fun to do, but it is primarily influential!

I have been using this method for the last three years, and it brought me the following:

  1. The clarity of knowing what I want to create in this life from today to the next 20 years.
  2. The clarity in what are my limitations and limiting beliefs
  3. Why I need to accomplish these goals.
  4. Which of all the goals I have, are my priority now.
  5. What are some first actions steps to move forward with these goals?
  6. The confidence to look back and see how the main goals I have written down in the past are manifested already (and yes, this feels powerful, grounding, and full of gratefulness)

I want the same for you! So, are you ready to set and achieve some life goals? I’m sure you are. Let’s start.

Steps for setting and achieving life goals

1. Bring yourself into a positive state of mind.

It’s pretty common to enter a limited state of mind when setting your goals. Thoughts like: “I will never conquer that,” “This is not possible for me,” “I don’t deserve this,” or “Only other people can have this kind of dream, not me”are prevalent beliefs that limit your potential. 

Bringing yourself to a state of mind where you genuinely allow yourself to dream without limitations is critical. To get this result, please choose a place where you feel comfortable. Light candles or incense, put on your favorite music, and start moving. You can dance or even shake, and the idea is to release tension from the body, so movement is a MUST! For at least 3-5 minutes.

Once you feel looser, sit down and take three long deep breaths, and repeat yourself (as many times as you need to):

  • “Everything is possible,”
  • “I’m the creator of my life,”
  • “I am capable of creating a beautiful life.”

And sit with it, feel it, believe it in your bones!

Awww, feels great, right? Great job! Now you are all set!

2. Write down your goals.

For this, we are going to divide your goals into three:

  1. Personal Goals: They are all about personal development. It is all about your spiritual being, physical body, emotions, character, and abilities you want to learn. Who is the person you want to be?.
  2. Materialistic Goals: What things do you want to have to create a more effortless and fun life.
  3. Economic Goals: all about your money. How much do you want to earn, save, invest, or give to others?

Remember that it’s not enough to think about them; writing them down gives you clarity and momentum on what you want to accomplish and where you must move.

3. Put on a dateline

You must know by now that life passes faster than we think, and time is a limited resource that all humans experience. At the same time, it’s true that we people tend to want everything ASAP, and we underestimate what we can accomplish in the long run (say 5, 10, or even 20 years). So, setting a time frame is vital to know when you will accomplish those goals and is especially important to create a genuine commitment to yourself.

4. Take action

Again, a goal is just a dream until an action is made. So, taking advantage of the momentum (motivation moment) -which naturally doesn’t last much time- is KEY to start moving all the energy towards accomplishing the goal.

Now, how to set goals that are limitless but real? And how to start taking action towards them? I used a method inspired by the outstanding Tony Robbins to answer these questions. First, he classifies the goals into the three categories mentioned before: Personal, Materialistic, and Economic. Then he follows three steps for each type:

  1. Setting the goals.
  2. Selecting the time frames for each goal.
  3. Choosing the top 3 goals and writing down why you want to accomplish these goals. And last but not least, choose a straightforward activity that will take you to start moving energy toward them.

With love and gratitude,


Watch the goals setting workshop video


Link to Anthony Robbin’s website

Link to Anthony Robbin’s youtube channel

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