A trip to the Great Big Sur, California

I just went on one beautiful trip to the incredible Big Sur in California. I walked up underneath the trees to watch the ocean every day. And this trip made me wonder if you like to camp? Because I know camping is not for everybody, but I love it! I found no better way to connect fully with nature than when you sleep beside the trees. Just the fact of living only with the basics and being outside all the time, as you do when camping, is a great reminder to focus on what is essential in this life. Also, when you camp, you are helping your body create serotonin by increasing your sunlight and oxygen exposure and your physical activity. All this means happier you! Yeii!

Well, with this purpose in my mind, Kyle and I just went camping on one of the most beautiful and iconic coastlines in the USA, Big Sur in California. This place is just stunning, and of course, I wanted to take you with me. So, I made a video vlog for you, showing you this magical place!. Also, I share three tips and a plant-based camping menu to keep yourself healthy while camping.
Are you interested in camping in Big Sur with me?
Great! Let’s start.

Covid Lockdown 

With all the Covid-19 pandemia and the lockdown, these past four months have been hard on all. There is no doubt that these are bizarre times for everyone in this world. Lock inside our home, not been able to visit (and hug) our loved ones. We are being scared all the time. Ughh. 

Stay positive

Nevertheless, we have to keep ourselves positive. It is the only way we can continue enjoying life to its fullest. And life is to be lived this way! For me, to maintain myself positive, I need the support of mother nature. That is why after many months of following the rules, the US government finally gave us the green light to go outside. Yeah, baby, it was about time! So, you could imagine that the first thing I did was visit our healer mamma nature, being the 1st place we chose to see was the ocean. 

The power of the ocean

I found the ocean powerful, majestic, and great support for those who need healing, perspective, and help. 

Living in California has so many advantages. One of them is having the beaches practically nearby (even if you live in the mountains like me!). That’s why I went to a fantastic place called BIG SUR, and I tell you, this is one hell of an extraordinary place! It was my 1st time here, and I’m always taking you with me!

A trip to the incredible Big Sur

A trip to Big Sur is an excellent opportunity for camping. There are many places along the highway where you will find campsites. One recommendation is to call before you go because this is a pretty busy place. We couldn’t find space (perhaps because we went on the weekend). So we stayed outside Big Sur at a campsite called the Veteran’s Center. This place is near Carmel Beach, around 45 minutes from Big Sur. I didn’t mind not staying in Big Sur just because the drive is so beautiful that it is worth passing it many times. Plus, the campsite is way cheaper than camping sites inside the Big Sur region ($40 a night vs. $80-100 in the heart of Big Sur). It is the first one to come, the first one to serve, so you don’t need a reservation (keep in mind that you can stay a maximum of 3 nights on the road). Also, Carmel beach is pretty near (around 15 minutes from the campsite), and it is a beautiful white sand beach where you can relax, take the dogs, or even surf! It is perfect for those days that you don’t feel like driving too much. Now, suppose you want to experience staying in a remote place inside the Big Sur region. In that case, you should choose to stay there. Because Carmel Beach is a small city, meaning that you will find stores, people, traffic, restaurants, you get the idea!

Another thing that you can do is camping for free. I found an excellent article on this topic, and you can find it here. Non the less, we didn’t reach this place because our car is small, and we didn’t think it would be a fit for those roads.

Ok, now that I gave you all of this information, are you ready to see some very cool spots from Big Sur? I made a video for you, where I also share three hacks to create healthy camping. I hope you enjoy it.

Much love to you, my cyber friends,


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