Vashisht, India. The perfect little village

Vashisht India Blog. The perfect Village

After spending almost three months in Rishikesh, I took a 16 hours night bus to the city of Manali, and I stayed there for a couple of days. I went there with three beautiful girls I met in my yoga teacher training. We decided to travel for one week altogether. And I have to say that being with people, and especially a girls trip, has been pretty amazing! They are just sweethearts; one is from Macedonia, another one from Mexico and Belgium. Great team we made! Well, getting back to my story, we traveled to Manali, a charming mountain town located in the Himalayas in India. 


Vashisht, India

Near Manali, there is a small village called Vashisht. We went there to spend only one day, but let me tell you it was enough to fall in love immediately. So, as my girl trip was ending, I decided to spend more days in this beautiful village.

My original plan was to stay in Vashisht for one week or so. I just wanted to chill for a while and have the time to incorporate all I learned from my previous courses of Meditation and Yoga that I took back in Rishikesh. Non the less, today it has been six weeks living in here already, can you believe it? I guess I’m an easy peasy kind of girl after all!


The perfect little village

The thing with Vashisht, India, is that it is just too cute! It is the perfect size, the people are amazing, the summer weather is ideal, and I love to experience the typical mountain life. As you wake up, you can see people working on their animals (mainly cows and goats). Also, there are two beautiful waterfalls near where I love to sit down and write or chill in front of them. Vashisht also has a beautiful forest and so many mountains to hike. From any cafe you are sitting down, you are watching the Himalayas beside you. I mean, this place is magical! And I cannot get enough of it. 

Another thing that has become cool about my experience here is my friends. I’m renting a room in a guest house where I share the common spaces with the other renters. And life is good enough to send two beautiful souls to spend my days, my friend Pragyan from India and Steven from Australia. We love to trek in the mountains, play cards, meditate and smoke some joints together! Life is chill, and it is pretty good. 

I can’t believe it and write my second blog post! Oh, and also, I made a video of the beautiful Vashisht, India, for you. Here I show how are my days in this awesome place 🙂

I hope you enjoy it! Much love,



The guest house I stayed is called Creeper’s Nest and the owner is named Pragyan 


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