Create your dream life with these 5 step vision board guide

The exact 5 step vision board guide formula I used to design the life I dreamed about and live in today. Are you ready to design yours?

Create your dream life with these 5 step vision board guideHow to design your dream life? This a question I asked myself some years ago. And I’m guessing you have it too. Because living a life where you feel comfortable and fulfilled is the ultimate desire. Right?. You know, to reach that point where you can look at yourself and feel most satisfied. And not in the way of getting something you wanted or reaching a place where you think you don’t have to grow anymore. But the overall satisfaction of knowing you are creating a life aligned with your values and goals. Am I right? But as life is so damn unpredictable, it is easy to deal with what life brings to you instead of consciously creating the life you truly want to be living in. That’s why having a clear direction in what you want to create can be a very convenient tool.

In this blog, I share the five steps to make a vision board guide I used to design the life I dreamed about years ago and live today. Also, I am sharing a printable guide that will make this design much more accessible and a video explaining the procedure step by step (find both at the end of the post). Are you ready to design your dream life with this vision board PDF guide? I’m sure you do! Let’s start.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a creative process to set clear intentions and goals for what you want in your life and the direction for your growth and transformation. As evolving beings, humans need to grow, learn, and expand. It is a human need. As a life Coach, Tony Robbins says, “if you are not growing, you are dying.” And part of the growth is change and transformation.

I honestly love to create vision boards. I don’t do it as frequently as every new year, but I like to use this tool whenever I want to reorganize my goals in life (maybe every 2 to 5 years). It is a powerful way to be realigned with yourself and what you want to create and accomplish in certain moments of life.

I have an incredible story with the last two vision boards I created and want to share it with you.

Vision boards & my history

In 2016, I had to re-start my life (literally!); I experienced divorce from a 16-year-old relationship and the company we created together. Also, I left where I used to lived. So, as I was very clueless about the new direction for my ‘new life’, I needed clarity on my new personal goals. With some confusion in my mind but seeking internal tools, it hit me! I needed to create a vision board! And so, I did it!

Hell yeah! Today, five years later, all the big goals have been accomplished!! And I am not talking about small goals, but big and challenging ones like:

  • Becoming a full-time traveller for three years in a row (I travelled alone through the USA, Europe, and Asia, accomplishing my biggest dream of becoming a nomad.)
  • Studied and graduated from coaching.
  • Created an online business allowing me to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Travel to India and got certified in Ayurveda, Meditation, and Hatha Yoga.
  • Met my beautiful life partner Kyle, and now we are married.

YES, all of this was on my vision board! I created the life I once dreamed of with a focused mindset and followed these next 5 steps:

5 Steps Vision Board Guide

Step 1 -Define the emotions you want to create

Before you begin this step, getting as calm and positive is crucial. The aim here is to dream BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS, and not feel restrictive. But on the contrary, you want to be in an open state of mind.

For that, it is necessary to:

  • Create a great environment. Choose a place that inspires you; you can put some motivational music on, light candles and incense, or do whatever makes you feel good.
  • Get in tune: Movement is a fantastic way to release stress. So, if you feel like dancing, move your body! If not, I recommend shaking your body and face for at least a few minutes. This action will release tension in your body and make you feel more relaxed. Once you finish, recover your breath and have some deep breathing until you feel relaxed and comfortable. Go on! You got this!
  • Connect: OK! Now that you are fully present and relaxed, let’s connect with the emotions you want to feel. For that, you can close your eyes and start connecting with whatever emotion you like to experience.

Please allow yourself to go to a deeper level. To genuinely connect with your emotion, you must be present with it. Ask yourself: Where do I feel it? How do I feel it? How are my facial expressions? How is my body moving?

Some examples of powerful feelings might be:

Happiness, enjoyment, pride, love, peace, freedom, fulness, fulfillment, abundance, companionship, joy, kindness, adventure, surprise, confidence, euphoria, interest, satisfaction, awe, growth, excitement, and support. 

Step 2 -Define your goals and your whys.

Do you feel fired up with powerful emotions? Great! OK, now it is time to think about your life goals! For that, I recommend you list the areas of your life that are important to you. These might be: Family, social, spiritual, financial, career, physical, emotional, mental, and personal (attitude, hobbies, free time). You can choose as many areas as you want to work, but my recommendation is to keep it simple. Click here for the Wheel Of Life Coaching Exercise worksheet, which will significantly help you with this step.

Once you have the areas you want to envision, start writing your goals for each. Please do not focus on what you don’t want, but write them always positively. One example is, instead of saying I don’t want to be sick anymore, your goals must be: I want health, I am healthy, wellness is coming my way, or I am already strong and healthy. If you feel you need more clarity about what you want, I have a complete video and goals-setting workshop showing you how to create powerful life goals.

How many goals should be included in the vision board? In my opinion, as much as your intuition tells you. I have included quite a lot!

Step 3 -Get inspiration!

Once you are ready and clear with what you want to feel, your goals and why you want to accomplish them, begin looking for words and images that align with them. You can use magazines, drawings, pictures, images, or whatever feels suitable for you (the sky is the limit!). I like to search the net for the pictures that best represent it and then print them. Again, just choose whatever gets you inspired.

Step 4 -Create the roadmap for your board.

Now it’s time to make your board. Once you have your images and words ready, take some moments to visualize how to create the board.

Are you going to make a board? Or do you prefer a notebook? Maybe you want a corkboard, so you pin and move the images. Other people like to make it digitally, which I haven’t done before (I’m an old-school gal, I love to write and do it myself). So think about it, and start creating it.

I recommend not to glue the images until you have created your roadmap. Once you feel it is right for you and looks inspiring, glue it! One important thing here is that once you make it, keep it in a place to look at it regularly.

As you will see in my vision board guide video, I created my last vision board on a sketchbook, using it for inspiration of all types. This way, I’m adding anything that brings me connection and inspiration to my goals (like poems, quotes, photographs, memories, thoughts, and ideas.). Also, I wrote down steps 1 and 2, meaning all the emotions that empower me and why I want to accomplish my goals. This notebook is my reminder, my motor, and my driver. It is my focus and connects me with my capability to complete all the things I have desired, written down, and deserve.

Step 5 -Work for it, but also let it GO!

Life is unpredictable, and we cannot control how things will be. One of the most significant rules in manifestation is to match the vibration by letting it go! If you fear not getting the outcome of your desire or getting it but fearing losing it, you will never get it! So you must also relax and enjoy the journey and uncertainty.

Please, my dear friend, be mindful of not getting trapped in the idea of thinking you will feel the “emotion you want to feel” only when the goal is accomplished. On the contrary, you must match that vibration before. One example is if you want to find romantic love, start feeling already in love. Fall in love with yourself, life, and the planet, and begin spreading love everywhere! And once you are vibrating with passion, love will find you. So you must release the control and let the universe work for you.

OK, now it’s time to share the vision board guide in PDF so you can work on creating your dream life.


I made for you a printable PDF that will guide you through every step, find it here:


Watch the vision board guide video

Some pics from my 2021 vision board 🙂

The exact 5 step vision board guide formula I used to design the life I dreamed about and live in today. Are you ready to design yours?
Who I am? a peaceful, adventurous, powerful, silly and content women!
The exact 5 step vision board guide formula I used to design the life I dreamed about and live in today. Are you ready to design yours?
What empowers me? God, grace, peace, health, love, grow, boldness, nature, ease, style
The exact 5 step vision board guide formula I used to design the life I dreamed about and live in today. Are you ready to design yours?
One of the things I want is a house in the beach, in Costa Rica.



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