A visit to the Great City of Rome in Italy

Rome is one of my favorite cities in the world! And even I am not kind of a “city person,” I can’t deny that to visit Rome in Italy will give you SO much to offer: from excellent fresh food to the galleries & museums (only with this!), fabulous live music everywhere, nightlife, beautiful parks, cute little streets to wander around, a big river crossing the city, all the education of the impressive Roman Empire, flea markets, fantastic clothing, I mean, you name it!

A visit to Rome, Italy

By the time I visited Rome, I had lived in India for the last six months, mainly in the Himalayan mountains. And I needed to get out of the country due to my visa expiration, so the first city I landed in after being in India was Rome. Can you imagine my cultural shock? It was insane the change of environment I was experiencing. In Rome, even as chaotic as it can be, it is not as much as India. Non the less, Rome is a big big city, and I was used to be living only in small mountain towns (like Manali, Vashisht, Rishikesh, and Parvati Valley). I needed to get used to traveling in the subway and buses. To know that everything is significantly more expensive than in India and that I now can dress up as I wanted! Lol. Actually, I made a video showing you my crazy travel from Dharamshala, India, to Rome, Italy:

I got together with my whole family in Italy to spend some fantastic vacation in this beautiful country, and Rome was our first stop. We spent a couple of weeks here and did so many things. We also went to the Amalfi Coast, which is the most stunning place. Here is the link and video vlog in case you want to check it out! But for now let’s focus in the Great city of Rome.

Rome, Italy

Getting around Rome is pretty easy. Public transportation is effortless to use. You have to buy a rechargeable card from any subways stations, and you can use it in the buses and subways. Plus the bus routes are easy to understand.

I recommend that if you go in summer or until September, you will find the cutest restaurant next to the rive in part called Trastevere. It is just too cute and romantic to sit down and drink an excellent Italian expresso or elegant Italian wine with; why not? Pizza and more pizza!. Oh, wait, or maybe you can choose gelato instead—holy crap, the gelatos, probably my favorite thing about visiting Italy.

A visit to the Great City of Rome in Italy
Amazing Trees from Villa Bourguese Park
A visit to the Great City of Rome in Italy
Roman Forum
Amazing sunset in Transtevere
My family eating a picnic in a park

My favorite part in Rome?

I think it was the Colosseum and Roman Forum just because of the history, and it is just too attractive. My second favorite thing was sitting next to the river or in a park just to chill, look at the people passing by while drinking wine, and talk about life.

Yes, I know Roma backward is spelled AMOR, meaning LOVE in Spanish… so cliché, but what can I say? so true! And of course, my top food was the gelatos as I told you before, and here in Rome, you can find vegan ones everywhere! There is just something about Italy.

Here I share my travel vlog of Rome and how I make fun of myself here, LOl.
I hope you liked it! Thanks for watching! Much Love,

Rome Video Vlog

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