One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park

One more time, another proof that dreams do come true. Since many years ago, I have wanted to visit some of the most beautiful National Parks of North America, being Yellowstone one of them. I still cannot believe it, but I did two weeks ago! 

I went to this stunning place just for one day. And even if this park is huge and it can take you weeks to explore it all, at least in a one day visit you can get an idea of what this super volcano represents. 

If you are planning to visit Yellowstone National Park, in this blog I am sharing the three top things to see here!. Being all of them near the entrance through Wyoming. 

Ok, are you ready? Let’s start.

One day visit to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone caught my attention thanks to my father, who has been talking about wanting to see it someday. I did not know anything about Yellowstone, but when I researched it, I realized that this place is a HUGE volcano! Actually is the largest supervolcano on the American continent, which has erupted with tremendous force several times in the last two million years. Just imagine that half of the world’s geysers and hydrothermal features are just in Yellowstone, fueled by this ongoing volcanism. 

It is so cool to witness the powerful mother nature taking so much powerful action!

Like almost everything in the USA, this park is immense, and it would take days to visit it all. I visited it just for one day, none less it was enough to get a good idea of its volcanic activity. I visited this park with Kyle and his parents, and we had such a good time! We got to see three main attractions.

1. The West Thumb Geyser Basin 

This was the first spot we visited, and it is truly amazing. This is the largest geyser basin on the shores of Yellowstone Lake, which makes it super special. In here, you can see all the mud pots and hot springs right there next to the lake. Some of them are even inside the lake, looking pretty crazy! And the colors! Wow, they are just amazing! Being turquoise and green, and others are orange too. And even if they are extremely hot, somehow they look so inviting! This part was actually Kyle’s favorite.

A one day visit to Yellowstone National Park. 3 things to do!
Colors of the minerals and the bacteria
One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park
Volcanic minerals descending to the Yellowstone Lake
One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park
Geyser in the Yellowstone Lake
One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park
One of the geysers in West Thumb

2. Old Faithful Geyser: 

This highly predictable geothermal feature erupting every 44 minutes to two hours since 2000. This is like the main attraction of Yellowstone, which is pretty impressive. It’s basically a big eruption of really hot steam and water (around 265 °F / 129 °C) coming from the ground. It happens from the interaction of cool air from above mixing with heated air from below. If you come here, make sure to ask the exact time this geyser will explode so you can see it.

One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park
The Old Faithful Geyser (once it finished)

3. Midway Geyser Basin: 

This part has different geysers, the Excelsior geyser, the Turquoise & Opal pool, and the Grand Prismatic Spring. Talking specifically about the last one, OMG! I mean, WOW! Old Faithful may be more famous, but the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring is Yellowstone’s most photographed thermal feature. That’s because of its crazy bright colors and enormous size. As the name clearly said, this is a rainbow of colors! The hot spring has bright orange, yellow, and green bands that ring the deep blue waters in the spring. The multicolored layers get their hues from different species of bacteria living in the progressively cooler water around the spring. And the deep blue center is because the water scatters the blue wavelengths of light more than others, reflecting blues back to our eyes. This, my friends, was my favorite spot of all!

One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park
The Turquoise Pool
One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park
The Grand Prismatic Hot Spring
One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park
The Opal pool
One day visit to the stunning Yellowstone National Park
Colors, colors & more colors!

In Yellowstone, hundreds of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians have been documented. Actually, Yellowstone Park is the largest and most famous megafauna location in the United States. Here you can find grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elks. Despite this, we couldn’t see many animals as usual, maybe because we weren’t lucky enough, or because the park was extremely full of people. 

Also, Yellowstone has numerous recreational opportunities, including hiking, camping, boating, fishing, and sightseeing. So basically, what I am trying to say here is, if you are a nature lover, you will LOVE to visit Yellowstone National Park.

I hope you like the video,

Much love, Pia

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